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3 Things To Do After A Moose Strike

Most people have seen what a car look like after it has had an encounter with a deer. If you live in moose country, odds are you’ve also seen what the damage from hitting a moose can be. Part of the problem is that the moose is taller and heavier than the average deer is. […]

Understanding The Audit For Your Commercial General Liability Policy

General liability insurance offers protection for your business in case of a variety of potential issues. For example, you may have some financial protection if someone is injured on your property or there’s an accident that affects a customer or client. In most cases, the policy premiums are rated according to your company’s annual revenue. […]

What Type Of Insurance Does Your Business Need?

Keeping a business running and profitable is hard enough without unexpected costs such as fighting a lawsuit. While you might think that your solid business practices will prevent you from ever having to face a lawsuit, sometimes the unexpected happens. Rather than fight lawsuits and cover other unexpected expenses on your own, you can find […]